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Welcome & Karibu to
Afro Deity Studios

African Artistic Divinity 4  Humanity

Honoring, remembering, growing and spreading the artistic spirit of   Arnold Peter Kibiribiri Kuria aka Dawrne 

Our Vision

We Deserve To Dream

" [...] And I hope to meet you at the gates
See that light shinin' on your face
'Cause I belong here, I belong with you
And all of our answers reside here, too
'Cause we been high, darlin', we been low
And all of it's helped us grow
We belong here and we deserve to dream [...]"

From a Song by Xavier Rudd, Released: 2021

Our Mission

Arnold dreamed of running his own animation and virtual art studio out of his home in Githurai, Nairobi. Afro Deity Studios seeks to keep this dream alive. It thrives to create safe earthly and virtual spaces where artists and creatives can express themselves and live towards their dreams. 

Afro Deity Studios aims to be a Community Based Organization. There is no intent to gain any monetary benefits from their activities. Any potential future revenue stream is uniquely dedicated to the community and participating artists.

Our Values

Arnold was a human deeply rooted in his African Ancestry and Heritage. During his life, he studied philosophies and religions around the world and maintained a network of connections around the globe.


Afro Deity Studios acknowledge that we all are and have been living over millennia in a continuous process of cultural exchange, standardization & diversification. We seek to investigate and express local & traditional culture as much as we promote a global cultural dialogue & cooperation guided by a respectful appreciation for diversity and without appropriation.

Our Story

Afro Deity Studios was founded by Arnold at least 3 years ago and became one of Arnold's platforms to express his artistic journey. Between July 2020 and August 2021 he published his digital art under this name. Despite his limitations in rendering capacity, he ventured more and more into animation. His Instagram shows a development from purely artistic expressions to pieces building up a portfolio for making a business out of his talent. Arnold's fascination for fashion, tissues, and shiny surfaces is visible in many of his works.


Besides Instagram, Arnold published his work on his webpage "", which is still linked to his private Instagram account but unfortunately is out of service. Afro Deity Studios aims to salvage all of Arnold's work including this page but lacks the technical capabilities at this point in time.

The domain was registered in 2020 by one of his supporters but remained inactive until  September 2022, 1 year after Arnold's departure from this earthy life. It aims to connect, collect and build upon, the legacy Arnold left behind.

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Afrodeity Studios


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