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Dear Arnold

February 2023

During the time we shared together

Sometimes you were shy.

Sometimes your smile was a weapon and a shield.

And sometimes it was a mirror of the sun.

Sometimes you felt mad, sad, disappointed, left alone, and alien in this world.

When we first met you told me that you drew your artistic inspiration from pain.

You inspired me more than anyone had ever before.

During your earthly journey

You were a fantastic cook. Like a magician who plays with flavors.

You practiced yoga and meditation.

You dedicated much of your artistic energy to creating virtual 3D worlds.

You studied almost all religions of this world and said you didn’t find any that truly convinced you. The one that came closest to what you believed was “Wicca”, a spiritual, modern pagan religion.

You dreamed that after passing away you would float freely, dance with the wind, and merge with the spirits of the natural world.

Still today

You are an artist.

Your animal sign is the owl.

You love your music.

You are very passionate about fantasy, magic, and animated dream worlds.

You inspire me more than anyone has ever before.


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