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Poetic Playlist

September 2021

Arnold and I sometimes communicated through Music. Often when we were speechless we sent each other songs expressing our feelings. A few days before Arnold’s death I reviewed my Release Radar Playlist on Spotify. Suddenly, the titles of the songs sounded like a poem to me. So I decided to write it down as a poem and send it to together along with the playlist so that he could listen to it during his recovery. It was too late.

I continued to work on the poem and the playlist. For the first time in a long time, I felt inspired by a challenge. I finished it and will read it to Arnold to say goodbye when I visit his grave. I am also working on a better version of a poem that contains only the most important songs and moments. But that will take more time (my current collection contains more than 24 hours of music).

When this week’s playlist got released I tried to create a goodbye playlist for Arnold. The idea is that the song’s titles and music represent the journey and transformation from desperation, paralysis, pain, frustration, paranoia, guilt, anger, sadness, stillness, forgiveness, peace, hope, rebirth, joy, pleasure, love, excitement, ecstasy, liberation, freedom and absorption into a new magical dream world.

Spotify’s Release Radar is a weekly playlist consisting of 30 new songs released by one’s saved favorite artists. Due to my diverse taste of music, my Release Radar is a wild mix of all styles. I did not pick or leave away any of the songs on the playlist. I just rearranged them.

Fallen fruit Stranded Or maybe pitched by a -7 semitone? See – Line woman The abandonment of… ego! Sounds of blue Breed I will trust in de Lord Say what you will Extreme ways better days Wish you well Waving through a window We deserve to dream It’s your own body and mind Interlude TransformationHeaven, wait if you let me Wildest dreams after all Paradise am I in love? How will I know Chleiderchäschtli* out of my league I got a feeling Bodymorphia Ta tak I me** Council of Draags*** * Little case of clothes **Take hold of me ***Draags live on a fantasy planet called Ygam

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