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Cultural Appropriation

On a hot July 11th, in the year 2323, after another century of resource accumulation by the global north by stealing from the global south, a nano black hole suddenly formed in the area where once was London. 

This unfortunate event turned the north into a huge canyon that interestingly took on a shape that reminded some of a rectum. For this reason, the former Paris became renamed as the "asshole of the planet" and the earth almost magically changed its shape from a sphere into a heart.

Source:  Afrovision Space Station, the only space station uniquely dedicated to artistic satellite pictures. Picture as generated by human and artificial AI.


Backstabbed by the System

This painting illustrates the overwhelming emotions of a young man feeling backstabbed by the system. He has grown up in a world that taught him that he was born on the unfortunate side of the system. He is sweating blood by working harder than everyone else around him to compensate for all the privileges that he has not been blessed with.

Source: The picture was generated by human and artificial intelligence (with Wonder AI app)

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