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Arnold's Art - A vague Timeline

This is a small selection of pieces currently captured on photo. The collection will hopefully grow over time. 


Arnold painted a huge version of death and was seemingly proud.

The Joker and the Owl

There are 2 versions of the Joker. The version not shown here has glitter all over the face.

Arnold's animal spirit sign is the owl. This owl sitting in an open lantern was hanging at the window of his bedroom watching over him in his sleep.

Poetry Header African Human Perspective.png


In 2017 and early 2020 Arnold published poems about friendship and relationships.

Digital Art

Digital Art, especially  3D Animation, was Arnold's greatest passion. In 2020 and 2021 Arnold created a series of pieces published on Instagram. He became a master of  3D Still Lives full of shiny objects with pristine surfaces creating dazzling reflections. 

These glamourous "artspacecapes" stand in contrast to the reality of dusty dirt roads Arnold experienced living in Githurai.

Link Instagram

3D Animation

Arnold published a limited amount of animated art. Rendering and publishing animated videos require a high amount of storage and computing power.  Those consume high amounts of resources like electricity, fast internet, and powerful hardware. One can only imagine what Arnold may have created without these external limiting factors. 


Video Editing

Arnold edited the music video for the song "Pain" for the Kenyan singer-songwriter N'jiru.  In this shockingly honest song, N'jiru is poetically opening up about how her pain is following her through her life and it has become part of every activity and emotion.

The Crescent Moon_edited.jpg

Arnold published some of his work on Twitter under the name Crescent. The Crescent  Moon is a symbol that Arnold loved. He even tattooed the moon cycle on his back. (Quelle: Instagram)



Arnold was working on this painting in the last weeks of his life. On a bright blue background, a bird seems to unfold and rise like a phoenix to float lightly in the skies. As they unfold colors start to appear. 

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